Weather Channel Brings Climate-Controlled Toyota Background Ad To New Android App

Wather-Channel-app-B2The Weather Channel has been targeting local advertising against real-time weather triggers for years online. But now it takes that model deeper and makes it richer in the newly launched TWC app for Android. Launching today, this is the first major overhaul of the Android version in over three years the company says.

For marketers the standout feature in this iteration is a branded background for launch sponsor Toyota that reflects the user’s current weather conditions and time of day. A range of Toyota vehicles are depicted in clear, rain and snow conditions across the day. TWC says that there are six possible combinations for the Toyota creative. The campaign for Toyota also included units across the other TWC properties. The Android version of the app is compatible with smartphones and tablets running the OS.



In addition to the ad integration, the new TWC for Android streamlines access to key weather data points and forecasts and also puts upcoming conditions into a narrative voice (i.e., "expect rain until 4 p.m.") In many respects, the Android version has been updated to parity with the more frequently updated iOS app: past and future weather mapping, climate-triggered backgrounds, better location management, social sharing tools. But in this iteration TWC premiers a new feature that tells the user when to expect the next major change in conditions.     

Currently, The Weather Channel is the 18th-most-popular free download in the Google Play Store and enjoys an exceptionally strong 4-star rating. It is the highest-ranked news and information app on the platform, and in the weather category is challenged mainly by WeatherBug and AccuWeather.

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