LiveRail Adds Arnstein to Lead EMEA Operations

Online video exchange LiveRail today announced that Yoav Arnstein has joined LiveRail as GM, EMEA and will work from the company's new London office. Arnstein said that his main focus will be bringing new publishers on board and promoting LiveRail's solution across Europe. 

"Programmatic buying is starting to grow massively," said Arnstein. "It is a relatively green field." But Arnstein says that the European market has always been more protective of their remnant ad inventory. Arnstein said as a result, "The way they are adopting programmatic is in a much more cautious way.

Arnstein described that to be "cautious" means that advertisers are strict with what they consider premium inventory. In order to make programmatic fully take off in Europe, Arnstein believes publishers need to have more control on the creative level as to what types of ads are allowed on their sites. 



"The [publishers] don't feel it's all or nothing. [They] can do programmatic selling, but it doesn't mean [they] need to allow everyone on [their] site," Arnstein said, adding that extra control gives European publishers confidence.

The European market for RTB is growing, and LiveRail is not the only company trying to take advantage. Denmark recently opened up a publisher's network,  Martini Media announced huge revenue for its U.K. operations, and PubMatic announced a new EMEA director. If Arnstein's observations about Europe's more cautious mindset are correct, it will take a different approach to fully crack the international code.

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  1. Christopher O'Hara from Krux, February 21, 2013 at 8:40 p.m.

    Good choice. Congratulations, Yoav!

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