ClickPick: CurrentTrack

Managing a client's traffic and reports, calculating expense reports, and having archived information available to you in an instant are just some of the key features included in this months' Clickpick. Used by 160 ad agencies, CurrentTrack (made by Developware) allows users to streamline their various business processes with an easy to use user interface. The product is web-based, so agencies don't have to worry about downloading a product that takes up massive amounts of hard drive space.

CurrentTrack, located at, is a year-old product that is updated regularly. Here's how the product works. When you first log into the secure website, you are taken directly to your CurrentTrack message box. Here, you'll find various reports, production estimates, purchase orders, and any other relevant information that can all be automatically emailed to you or your team. Since the product is web-based, contacts nationwide can view the same information at the same time. Administrators can limit access to certain areas or restrict on a need-to-know basis.

The site consists of five main areas, including Clients & Jobs, Status & Tasks, Time & Expenses, Address Books, and finally, Administration.

Broadcast Media Detail, one particular tool that would be helpful to planners and buyers, outlines Market and Target Demographics to Stations, Dayparts, and CPP. It allows users to input information in terms of net or gross, depending on work preference, and also takes into account Media Commission. Users can then create both a Broadcast Summary and individual station orders that can be sent, along with background materials, to media vendors.

Pricing for the product is an initial fee of $1,995 and then an additional maintenance fee of $35 per month per user.

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