Emerging Countries More Receptive To Mobile Ads

Smartphone users in developed countries are the less likely to interact with mobile ads than those in emerging economies, according to a recent Nielsen report on mobile use globally. In some cases, that may be because they see fewer ads than users in mature markets, creating a novelty factor.

Indian smartphone owners, for instance, are among the least likely to receive ads, but are also among the most receptive. They’re also more comfortable providing some kind of personal information if it means getting more relevant ads. Smartphone users globally were most willing to provide personal information in return for free content.

With the exception of the U.S., in developed markets, people are most likely to receive mobile ads via apps. Chinese smartphone owners say they receive the most mobile ads, topping all countries in ads received via online games, mobile video/TV, streaming radio and location-based services.

In terms of frequency, smartphone users in most markets say they receive mobile ads an average of at least once a day. South Korea had the largest proportion of respondents in that category, at 78%, followed by China (65%), Brazil (62%), and the U.K. (58%).

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