AdRoll: FBX Campaigns Had 16X ROI

Following up on data it released last week on advertising results on the Facebook Exchange (FBX), AdRoll today provided further finding relating to return on investment from campaigns on the re-targeting platform.

Among other things, the study of 468 advertisers that ran both standard Web retargeting and FBX campaigns during the last six months of 2012 found FBX delivered lower CPMs and CPCs while Web retargeting led to higher click-through rates.  The firm concluded the two methods of retargeting were complementary.

AdRoll President Adam Berke explained in a Wednesday blog post that the company has since gotten requests for information on ROI on the campaigns and more insight on the types of advertisers involved. While advertisers measure ROI in different ways, AdRoll came up with some general conclusions:

During the FBX beta period it found advertisers had a 16X ROI based on blended attribution model combining click-through and view-through conversions. That compares to 8-10X ROI for Web retargeting. Since the beta period ended in September, AdRoll said its continued seeing strong results but didn’t specify ROI for campaigns more recently.

To capitalize on the performance of FBX, marketers are flocking to the platform, some using retargeting for the first time. As a result, nearly two thirds (63%) of impressions across all of AdRoll’s advertisers are now on FBX compared to 37% on standard display.

In terms of the make-up of its 468-client sample, they include a wide range of companies from SMBs to mid-market businesses to Internet Retailer 500 brands, according to Berke. They use both AdRoll’s self-service tools and its full-service

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