Oracle, Adobe Separately Build Out Collaborative Social Suites


Attempting to capture part of the nearly $9 billion marketers will spend this year on social media, Oracle and Adobe Systems have separately stepped up services to restructure support for collaborative social platforms and enterprise applications running companies.

Oracle Social Relationship Management is the latest evolution in Oracle’s strategy of socially enabling the enterprise. The social suite of services ties back to its key enterprise applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). The effort creates a unified platform -- a data lifecycle management framework -- to share information. DLMF will become an acronym that marketers will begin to hear more often in 2013.



Marketers have moved past the point of building an audience to make certain the campaign produces visibility and social interactions, said Erika Brookes, VP, product management of Social Platform at Oracle. "Point solutions only allow us to see one thing at a time," she said. "Putting it all together lets multiple people see events at each step."

Oracle began building out the platform to support digital social marketing last year after acquiring Vitrue, Collective Intellect, and Involver. The next step will become building out a DLMF to support reporting and data integration.

At its digital marketing conference this week, Adobe Systems introduced a new Adobe Marketing Cloud interface, a suite of products supporting analytics, targeting, social, optimization and more. The interface allows users to collaborate across all five Marketing Cloud products. One login and a separate share button, as well as reporting on views and comments, provide support for the interface set to rollout this summer. Future features include a collaborative asset management system and campaign creation tool.

Justin Merickel, director of new product innovation for advertising solutions at Adobe, said the platform will enable groups of people to collaborate, curate and share content across teams. Taking a cue from Pinterest, he describes the interface or dashboard as a "visual experience" pinned to boards that serve up with the platform.

Each of the five solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud has been updated with new mobile marketing capabilities for analytics, social app development, targeting content on smartphones and tablets, advertising, and mobile content management and delivery. It's all part of the push for Adobe to support enterprise companies with marketing and advertising services.

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  1. Anthony Green from Optimal, March 7, 2013 at 4:51 p.m.

    Oracle have no paid element/ad product and thus do not have a complete suite (yet).

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