Calls For Better Content In RTB Mix

Technology and optimized ad buys aside, brands are imploring the audience at OMMA RTB to think more about digital’s ability to carry great content, and do so at scale.

“As an industry we need to create better content,” Brendan Moorcroft, CEO of Mediabrands Audience Platform, said on Monday. Case in point, “Red Bull Stratos [which captured daredevil Felix Baumgartner descending 24-miles from earth] stunned the industry,” Moorcroft said. “Red Bull crushed it,” and, he added, showed how digital can scale just as well as traditional media ever did.

Regarding digital, “There is so much potential to create more impact,” agreed Alan Smith, Head of Media, NA, Essence Digital.

And yet, as Marcus Pratt, Director of Insights & Technologies at Mediasmith noted: "Most marketers are not taking that approach … They’re still thinking about how they can take their 30-second spot and put it online.”

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