Affluent Travelers Plan To Spend More


Affluent consumers say they plan to spend more on their travels in 2013, according to a trend report from Unity Marketing.

A survey of over 1,300 affluent consumers (average income $267,800; 45.4 years old) found that 45% of those surveyed plan to spend more this year. This is an especially strong view of planned spending, which can mean significant growth for marketers that know the best ways to attract these eager-to-spend customers to their brands. 

"We delved deeply into the mindset of the high-spending affluent traveler in this most recent study," said Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing, in a release. “We wanted to share with marketers how the needs of the affluent travelers are evolving in the new economy.”



These travelers continue to be very demanding, but they are willing to trade off on things that don't matter as much in favor of those travel services and features that are really important to them, she said.

Luxury travelers economize on getting to their chosen destinations, but indulge freely when it comes to their accommodations once they get there. For example, they are most likely to fly coach class or travel by car but then they most often choose to stay in a luxury hotel (4 to 5 stars). 

Taking several long-stay vacations is the norm for luxury consumers. In 2012, the typical luxury traveler took 2.8 separate four- or more-day vacations.  In 2013 they are likely to maintain the same pattern. 

The most in-demand experiences for luxury travelers are relaxation and stress reduction, sightseeing experiences, and fine dining & food/wine experiences. All of these rose in relative importance over the experiences luxury travelers desired in 2011.    

By comparing where luxury consumers visited in 2012 with those they plan to visit in 2013, three destinations will be especially popular and benefit from more affluent visitors this year: The Caribbean, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Online reviews grew in importance to luxury travelers planning vacations in 2013, as compared with the 2011 survey. Getting discount offers from travel providers also was more important for 2013 travelers, as compared with results from 2011.  

In addition, the survey examines whether these travelers use the services of a travel professional in planning their vacations; what activities they engage in while at the airport; the use and importance of collecting and redeeming loyalty rewards; and more. Results of the most recent study are compared with those from a similar survey in 2011 so that trends and shifts in the affluent travel market can also be examined.

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  1. Lisa Gangadeen from The 33480 Group LLC, May 17, 2013 at 11:35 a.m.

    We concur with these on-target findings and predictions for 2013. My Social Media company, The 33480 Group LLC has witnessed firsthand your mentioned scenarios as we support several clients with luxury brand positioning. We're still very curious though about how the current political climate affects affluent buying behavior and spending, if at all. Thank You for these excellent articles.

    Lisa Gangadeen, President
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