TargetSpot Delivers Audio Ads For Xbox Music

Radio-AATargetSpot has added Xbox Music to the list of affiliates for its digital audio advertising network, the company just announced. The partnership gives TargetSpot advertisers access to streaming audio inventory delivered via Microsoft Xbox consoles as well as Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet computers and PCs, and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices.
According to the Digital Audio Benchmark and Trend Study conducted by Parks Associates, over one-third of people who listen to Internet radio also tune in via a connected TV device, including Xbox console setups. Some 42% of U.S. households with broadband access listen to Internet radio, and 22% of these have a household income over $100,000.

Overall, the size of the U.S. Internet radio audience is expected to increase from 147.3 million in 2013 to 176.5 million in 2016, according to separate data from eMarketer, representing an increase from 46.1% to 53.7% of the total U.S. population.
On the advertising front, 58% of online radio listeners can recall having seen or heard an online radio ad in the last 30 days. The TargetSpot network allows advertisers to target listeners using a variety of factors, including geography (to the ZIP code level), time of day and listening preferences.
In addition to the Xbox Music service, the TargetSpot digital audio network currently counts over 85 online partners, including broadcast radio groups and pure-play digital audio platforms like CBS Radio, ABC News Radio, Univision, Entercom, Live 365, and Slacker. In February, TargetSpot announced that it had added six new pure-play partners: Songza, Radionomy, just hear !t,, Soundtracker and HulkShare.
Back in November, Xbox announced that Triton will serve audio advertising for Xbox Music, as well as provide measurement, campaign management and ad insertion technology to allow delivery of contextually appropriate ads.



In June 2012 Microsoft announced a deal to offer the Slacker Radio app for free via the Xbox Live Marketplace for Gold subscribers. Back in 2011, Clear Channel struck a deal with Microsoft that brought its iHeartRadio application to the Xbox Network.

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