Berg: Mobile Location-Based Advertising To Reach $8.5 Bil. By 2017

Recently, location-based analytics provider Sense Networks announced survey results suggesting that in a RTB environment, geographically targeted ads lead to higher ROI for advertisers. Apparently, mobile marketers agree.

New research from Berg Insight reveals that the "real-time mobile location-based advertising and marketing" industry will grow in value at a compound annual growth rate of 65% from €526 ($688) million as of 2012 to €6.5 ($8.5) billion in 2017. That figure would make up just under one-third of all mobile advertising spend, predicts Berg.

Even without the cookie in mobile, geotargeting and mobile profiles are improving. It should come as no surprise that Berg is predicting a massive increase in value for location-based advertising in the next five years.



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  1. Peter Benjamin from MyOffices, April 16, 2013 at 9:51 a.m.

    For those out there who doubt the power of location based advertising just imagine the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the difference in knowing which Home depot has Generators and only targeting the ones in your areas to stop a mass flood to out of stock stores. Pick up the MyOffices app today. 40 miles range down to 1 mile location based offers.

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