LG TEams With PTO, Team Energy Star

  • April 23, 2013

LG has teamed with PTO Today, an organization helping parent-teach organizations around the country and the people behind Team Energy Star to teach American families more about saving money at home.

For the promotion, PTO has created a program for PTO and PTA leaders to create “Green Night” events at their school, using characters from 20th Century Fox’s upcoming movie, EPIC. LG Electronics is assisting with getting the word out and encouraging kids to join Team Energy Star to pledge to save energy at home.  After signing up, the kids are encouraged to share their energy-saving stories in a bid to win prizes from LG and Fox.

“As a company committed to protecting the environment and educating consumers about energy efficiency, LG is thrilled to join Team ENERGY STAR for a second year and excited to provide kids who share their EPIC energy saving stories a chance to win cool LG products like smartphones, TVs and computer monitors,” said James Fishler, senior vice president, marketing, LG Electronics USA, in a statement.



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