Weather Channel Launches Twitter Effort


Home Depot has signed with the Weather Co. as the first marketer to take advantage of a Twitter video offering. The Weather Co. is pitching the opportunity to include a link within promoted tweets that allows immediate (in-tweet) video viewing.

The retailer will integrate its “Project of the Week” videos within the tweets, which can be targeted by location, passions and other characteristics. Twitter cards technology allows for the integrated video.

The Weather Co., which also held an upfront, made the announcement at its NewFront event Monday. Among the stats, it boasts that 25% of its audience says Weather Co. digital platforms are the first and last “digital experience” that “they engage with every day.”

The company is touting its WeatherFX (short for Weather Effects) platform, which can offer a sort of “white glove” opportunity for marketers. Using reams of data, Weather Co. can advise marketers on how to adjust inventory based on weather patterns and advertising strategy to move it.

The data can lead to a particular retailer changing strategies by location across the country. The preference would be to use targeted Weather ad platforms.

Weather also reiterated its emphasis on launching multiplatform shorts. Starting in October, it will launch three series with two-to-four minute episodes that will air on-air and online, but accessible on mobile devices.

The series, with six episodes each, include: “I Am Unstoppable,” focusing on athletes overcoming odds, including one with no legs who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; “Virus Hunters,” about scientists who fight lethal pandemics; and “Alive,” about Americans who have survived catastrophes from shipwrecks to earthquakes. 



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