Subway, Apple Lead BrandZ Top Brand-Value Growers


Subway and Apple lead the list of the eight brands that have shown the greatest growth in brand value since the BrandZ Top 100 study was launched in 2006.

WPP’s Millward Brown released this “top risers” list in advance of its release of this year’s Top 100 study on May 21.

In combination, the eight brands below have increased their total value by 329% since 2006, compared to 66% average value growth for the entire BrandZ top 100.

1.     Subway, +5,145%

2.     Apple, +1,045%

3.     Amazon, +470%

4.     Hermès, +297%



5.     Verizon, +230%

6.     McDonald’s, +228%

7.     IBM, +221%

8.     Google, +188%

Millward Brown also summarized the key, shared success drivers for these brands:

* Great value:  It’s not about price, but what consumers get for their money. Hermès and Subway both offer great value, at opposite ends of the price spectrum.

* Relevance:  IBM’s reinvention as a greater-margin consultancy that drives a ‘Smarter Planet’ is one example of successfully renewing a well-established brand.

* Technology harnessing:  All of the top risers are social, connected and available 24/7 (or close to it). Amazon has changed the game for every brand with its online customer management and purchase recommendations.

* Reputation:  A brand’s behavior broadcasts what it really stands for to the whole world. Millward Brown notes that, while it might surprise some, McDonald’s has an excellent reputation based on a clear brand promise and experience.

* Meaningful difference:  Brands that meet consumers’ needs, are unique in a positive way and help set trends are more appealing, and sell more products than competitors. Apple is the archetypal “meaningfully different” brand, Millward Brown points out.

* Personality:  A distinctive brand character is more likely to generate consumer passion and create brand advocates. All of the top risers have distinct personalities. Verizon, for example, is what BrandZ classifies as a “king” -- a brand that’s “assertive and in control” but also “wise, desirable and trustworthy.” 

* Expansion:  All of the top risers except Verizon have moved into new territories.

* Great brand experience:  A brand is only as good as the consumer’s last experience, particularly given the power of word-of-mouth/recommendations. Google has built its reputation and based its considerable innovation on consistently delivering the greatest experience.

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