FourFronts Integrates TV/Video Buying

A pair of companies that provide a technological backbone for media transactions have launched a platform that integrates buying for digital video with TV. Tabbed FourFronts, the offering comes from FreeWheel and Mediaocean.

Looking to peel dollars from TV, AOL has an agreement to offer inventory in the system. As part of its NewFront announcements, AOL said it will look to FourFronts to attract investment in its video offerings, partly by allowing buyers to compare the inventory with the reach and scale of TV.

“The device on which consumers view video no longer defines the type of content they’re watching; it’s purely a screen,” stated AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. “But until now, buyers have not had an apples-to-apples comparison when it comes to buying video on the Web and TV.

“The industry needs to adopt standards between traditional broadcasting and video streams on the Web to create more opportunities in the buying market. FourFronts addresses a pressing need in our industry and will place AOL at the forefront of this shifting tide, getting us one step closer to bridging the gap between premium digital video and TV.”

AOL is the first digital video provider to take advantage of FourFronts, which facilitates upfront buying, management of guarantees and invoicing, among other functions. It brings together elements of FreeWheel’s Monetization Rights Management and Revenue and Payments Management systems and Mediaocean’s PRISMA and SPECTRA operations.



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