Local TV Viewers Crazy For Social Media, Newspapers Generate More Tweets

MobileTVWhich media does better with social media? It seems everyone can claim some victory -- with TV believing it grabs more benefits.

Local broadcast TV viewers are 85% more likely to post photos and videos than users of all media -- as compared to radio, newspapers, broadcast and cable television. But local newspapers  are higher than all other media in generating retweets -- with a 54% greater likelihood.

Radio and cable TV users hit the Facebook "like" button more often --  they are 46% more likely.

This data comes from the TV trade association group TVB, which worked with Colligent, a social-media mapping company. TVB added in data from Nielsen and Kantar Media, looking across Twitter and Facebook.

The research observed social media posts among 167 million Facebook and Twitter users across 4,400 prime-time television programs, 540 consumer brands, 570 TV stations, 1,823 radio stations and 358 local and national newspapers.

With regard to TV, the TVB research revealed that broadcast TV at the national and local level generated as much as 192 times more brand fans within social media than advertisers in the same category that only purchased cable.

Overall, the TVB believes that broadcast TV has the most balanced situation when it comes to social media.

Brian Wieser, media industry analyst at equity research firm Pivotal Research Group, states: “This important research from the TVB highlights the growing interrelationships between television, social media and second-screen content more generally.”



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  1. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, May 13, 2013 at 8:16 a.m.

    Highly positive news about TV from an unbiased source, TVB. Shocking.

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