HarperCollins' Boyle On Boiling Your Data

Echoing the positions of other experts at OMMA DDB on Thursday, David Boyle, SVP of Consumer Insights at HarperCollins Publishers, is stressing the importance of "boiling down" your data to actionable insights. In recent months, the publisher has gathered “tens of thousands of really detailed consumer interviews,” which, according to Boyle, would be worthless without the proper analytical reduction. Across platforms, Boyle said he’s “constantly looking at new ways to gather data,” because, these days, behavior varies so dramatically from one consumer to another. ... On an unrelated note, the British Boyle pronounces the end of the word “marketer” with a hard “er” -- like your average American would pronounce the word “Mouseketeer” -- which, well, has a nice ring to it.


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