Don't Believe The KPI Hype!

Beware of baloney KPIs -- and Facebook “likes” in particular! So stressed experts on an afternoon panel at OMMA DDB. “They know [a ‘like’] doesn’t matter -- They know it!” said Jon Bond, "Chief Tomorroist" at quasi holding company Tomorro LLC, and Kirshenbaum and Bond co-founder. Regarding KPIs in general, Bond warned: “They’re generic; they’re non-strategic.” For brands, how they make money should be unique, “customized” -- and, thus, lead to competitive advantages -- Bond emphasized. Using the same KPIs as everyone else makes that virtually impossible, he said. Moreover, just because you can measure something doesn't mean you should make it the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. “KPIs and [campaign] goals are not one and the same,” said Jason Lim, managing partner of performance and accountability at MediaCom.



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