Dispop Debuts Ad Design Platform

Following the lead of Victors & Spoils and other “crowdsourced” ad agencies, Dispop this week is rolling out an ad design platform with which marketers can tap into a network of designers.

Supporting the launch, the startup says it has secured $600,000 in seed funding from Inimiti Capital Partners.

Dispop’s marketplace promises to roundup quality designs within a few days of marketers’ proposal requests, and allow for testing of multiple banner variations.

Given the breadth of its network, the ability for clients to test ad performance is absolutely critical, according to Ayal Ebert, co-founder and CEO of Dispop.

“It can be very interesting and surprising to see that ads we think are better-looking are actually not very effective,” said Ebert. “It is really impossible to guess which ads do best without the tests.”

Founded just last year, Dispop and its parent company DesignPax claim to have created roughly 22,700 online ads. As for assessing the quality of these ads, Dispop says they resulted in an average CTR lift of 37%.

Plus, Dispop said it plans to use the new funding to expand its U.S. operations and establish new partnerships with DSPs, ad networks and agency trading desks.

Driven by the openness of the Web and a desire for more competitive pricing models, marketers continue to experiment with crowdsourcing assignments among professional networks and the general public.
On the professional side, Boulder, Colo.-based Victors & Spoils achieved success with campaigns for Virgin America, Dish Network and Harley Davidson.

How the agency world is being impacted by crowdsourcing remains unclear, but there are signs that the model is making a mark. Crowdsourced video ad platform Poptent, for example, recently named Nick Pahade -- formerly North American CEO of Interpublic Group’s Initiative -- as CEO.

Backed by venture capital firm MK Capital, Poptent claims a network of 65,000 independent filmmakers, which marketers can tap to create video ads and other content.
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