Online Video Gets Global Vote

According to a recent worldwide study conducted by Be On, the new AOL global branded content business, the majority of online video spend in the last 12 months is coming from budgets previously reserved for TV advertising. Although TV is considered a key awareness driver, 78% of respondents in Europe and 58% globally said they could achieve greater engagement and scale with online video.

Share of Awareness Comparison Between Online Video and TV (% of Global marketers)

“For same investment can you achieve better share of awareness and/or engagement with online video than you can with TV?”)


Drive Awareness

Drive Engagement










Source: AOL Be On, June 2013

According to the study, 73% of respondents said online video spend had increased over the last 12 months. TV and display were cited as the two main sources where budget has been taken. Of those surveyed, 84% believe the Internet is fundamentally becoming a rich brand medium with engaging interactive opportunities to connect with consumers.
Other key findings include:

  • Over 80% cite reach as well as audience and content targeting as main factors when planning a new branded video campaign
  • 73% of the respondents said that better audience targeting, and 67% said measurement, were key reasons for increasing online video spend in the future
  • 64% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with video services in today's market

When planning a new online video campaign, respondents to the AOL survey indicated that targeting (87%), reach (85%), content (81%), and price (80%) are the most important factors. Better audience targeting (73%) and measurement (67%) were the top reasons given for increasing spend in the future.

René Rechtman, SVP AOL Networks International, concludes that "... branded content has become an important part of global advertising strategies... content drives engagement and conversation online... brands want to tell their story... “
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