Aguayo Says Brand/Agency Relationship Can Speed Social Media Reaction

One of the themes emerging with social media marketing is marketers need to have a plan in place to move quickly if relevant discussion pops up on social media to be capitalized on. Sharp executed in that real-time fashion recently with the hubbub over a dispute between Kanye West and MTV VJ Sway that involved an old Sharp TV.

With help from agency Rokkan, Sharp moved quickly insert itself into the conversation, where Rokkan senior social strategist Mauricio Aguayo said it wanted to get involved in the "most authentic way possible."

Enter a multi-tiered plan that included the Austin SXSW festival, PR and more. Excecution moved rapidly.

How to do it so fast when potential marketing gold strikes?

Some suggestions Aguayo offered about being prepared:

1) the relationship between a brand and agency needs to be very symbiotic and based on a "strong foundation"

2) internally, brands need to have processes that "should be more dynamic rather than static” to respond to opportunties that arise

3) a clear content strategy nees to established beforehand

4) brands need to be willing to take risks

5) be savvy enough so PR can be incorporated into microwaved marketing









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