Unruly Will Help Advertisers Figure Out Which Vines Get Rapt Attention

The six-second Vine video might be a very compact commercial unit, but with the development of the Instagram video, its future could be a little compacted, too.

In the meantime, at least, Unruly, the video tech company that among other things tracks, measures and predicts the success of more conventional online video advertising, is going to do the same for those itty-bitty and strangely successful Vines.

With 13 million Vine users and advertisers toying with Vine videos to get their messageoverquickly—and yes, that was deliberate—Unruly is offering up its own Vine Academy that will help advertisers create content designed for shareability using Unruly’s ShareRank algorithm, to predict, and then later evaluate, how viral their Vines are.

Unruly is putting together a network of Vioneers who are good at creating short messages and advertises will be able to distribute Vine content via a new Unruly Vine app and social video player that, in theory at least, would put that message in front of 978 million users worldwide. Unruly has a new “lab” in New York where advertisers can now go to check out how and why conventional online ads get shared, or don’t. It’s an amazing place and I’ll tell you more about it soon.

This Vine extension would seem like a good thing, given how dubious you’d have to think advertisers would be about the whole idea of spending time, money or effort on a six-second message without some proof it makes one bit of difference. Maybe it does. Unruly points to Cisco’s recent report that mobile traffic is expected to increase 13-fold between now and 2017, so advertising in bullet-like bursts seems to have a solid future.

Unruly notes in a news release today the “average number of Tweets containing a Vine link had risen from five every second during April to nine every second during the first three weeks of June.”

Unfortunately (I think) that time period for measuring Vines-within-Tweets that Unruly compiled ended at just about the time Facebook unveiled the expanded 15-second Instagram. As a matter of fact, from what I can tell, their survey ended on the very same day.

And since Instagram has come around, Vine seems a little less clearly leading the bite-sized video derby, as MediaPost’s Mark Walsh has pointed out. That 15-second timeframe for Instagram also seems just, somehow, a familiar length, yes?

“Vine and other platforms, most recently Instagram, are leading a revolution in social video sharing,” said Unruly COO and co-founder, Sarah Wood, in a press release. I quizzed her about Unruly’s plans to do the same voodoo with Instagram that it offers for Vine and she responded, in part, that “We’re monitoring consumer adoption of the platform closely and as soon as it gets to a level which makes sense for our clients, we will support it.”


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