Microsoft, Oracle Mend Fences In The Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership Monday allowing some of Oracle's software to work more closely with Microsoft's. The deal aims to help clients embrace cloud computing, by allowing Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-computing service to run Oracle’s database software, Java programming tools and application-connecting middleware.

The fence-mending strategy allows Oracle to embrace Microsoft's expertise in enterprise cloud computing. Recent research from Microsoft focuses on analyzing collaborative practices and the adoption of two popular products: Dropbox and Google Docs. Microsoft researchers conducted 22 in-depth interviews with people who use these services, including people who have used both services, or who migrated from Google Docs to Google Drive.

Often times, Microsoft researchers found consumer perception was shaped by cloud file storage and sharing technologies. The technology guided users to develop socially negotiated practices around their use of the cloud, which led researchers to identify opportunities to help users build more accurate conceptual models of cloud computing.



Microsoft's research champions collaboration and transparency, but the biggest barrier to cloud computing remains trust. Many smaller companies will find it difficult to make the move to the cloud, though with lower costs of entry the technology could help many excel -- especially small agencies trying to make a go of working with large corporations and want a collaborative platform to see the work before they confirm or deny changes to a campaign.

Mobile technology will support the move to the cloud. Some companies you may not suspect have been supporting cloud services for years. Acxiom, which many know as an enterprise data, analytics and software firm, has been in the cloud business and recently launched PrivateCloud for organizations that require major security support.

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  1. CJ Lengua from [x+1], June 27, 2013 at 1:28 p.m.

    Mending fences in the cloud = Building castles in the sky?

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