Realtime Launches Ecommerce Platform In US, Offers '360 Retargeting'

In an effort to bring more real-time technologies to the ecommerce space, Realtime, a company with offices in the US, UK, Brazil, and Portugal, today announced that their PowerMarketing platform has launched in the US. The platform is geared towards real-time customer relationship management (CRM), and includes features that André Parreira, founder and CEO of the company, told RTM Daily have never been seen before.

The platform has spent several years being fine-tuned in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets, and Parreira believes the company is now ready to enter the US. "We gathered all of this experience," he said, "now are ready to launch in the US because it's the number one country in the world for ecommerce."

What Parreira was most excited about, and what he claimed has been "impossible" until now, is what he called "active real-time 360 retargeting." What that means is that when a consumer leaves an ecommerce store, they can still be tracked if the Web sites they go to are PowerMarketing users. The ecommerce store can then decide how they'd like to engage with their potential consumers in real-time, even if they aren't on their site anymore. Of course, Parreira said, the platform is aware of and follows all privacy rules and regulations (which are different in each country).



Parreira said that while the ultimate goal in using the platform is interaction, whether it be through chat, vouchers, promotions, or somehow else, what truly matters is what happens before the interaction. He claimed that the PowerMarketing platform has the capability to know where a user is on a site, exactly what they are looking at, how they are using the site, etc., all in real-time. He called it "live Big Data."

From there, a PowerMarketing platform user can decide to keep the humans involved by interacting with their potential customer themselves, or they can automate the process by setting up pre-determined reactions on their end based on how the consumer is using the site.

"You don't need to compete for the first impression," he stressed. "You can send anything you want the user to see while they are there."

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