Affluents Outpace Others Shopping

According to the most recent Martini Media Affluent Online Shopper Index, with comScore, shopping activity across the wealthiest consumer segments remains comparably strong. The study specifically revealed that affluent consumers are both still shopping and further outpacing the shopping activity of non-affluent shoppers, whose activity diminished after the holiday season.

Affluent consumers (earning ≥ $100k) were 47% more likely than those earning under $100k to make an online purchase in Q1 2013, and on average, they spent 41% more on purchases. The gap between affluent and non-affluent spending grew in 2013 compared to the December holiday period, when affluent consumers were 31% more likely to buy and spent only 15% more than their non-affluent counterparts.

Three out of four affluent consumers were more likely to make a purchase on a luxury site, and spent an average of $184 per purchase, 50% more than those earning under $100k. These gaps were much smaller during the holidays, when affluent users were 47% more likely to buy on a luxury site and spent only 25% more. Additionally in Q1 2013, affluent consumers were 7% more likely to visit luxury retail sites and made 16% more visits per visitor than those earning under $100k.

Skip Brand, CEO of Martini Media, observes that “... (the) study demonstrates how steady the digital affluent footprint is throughout the year... brand success... dependent on focusing digital ad dollars toward the affluent... reaching and engaging them online...”

Affluent spending indexed especially high in the apparel, accessories and jewelry, general services, and event and movie tickets categories, consistent with previous data. In Q1, the affluent spent on average:

  • $171 on event and movie tickets
  • $163 on apparel, accessories and jewelry
  • $155 on electronics and computing
  • $122 on home and living
  • $113 on general services

For additional information and to view the infographic, please visit here.


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