Jeep, Coke Among 'Most Patriotic' Brands

As the country gears up for the Independence Day holiday, plenty of brands will be wrapping themselves in patriotism to appeal to celebrating consumers. Some will be more successful than others. 

As part of a large-scale quantitative brand values survey, New York-based brand and customer engagement research consultancy Brand Keys has identified 25 brands viewed as some of the most patriotic. 

Outside of the armed services, which all scored very well for obvious reasons, brands such as Jeep, Levi Strauss, Hershey’s, Coca-Cola and Disney were among the top companies whose brands were associated with the individual value of “patriotism,” says Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys. 

“There’s an emotional connection to patriotism for every brand on this list,” Passikoff tells Marketing Daily. “What you’re looking at is authentic American icons.”



Though possessing a patriotic quality doesn’t necessarily lead to greater overall market share or deeper brand engagement, brands that are most naturally associated with patriotism have a much easier path to navigate should they choose to adopt a pro-American marketing theme during the holiday weekend. 

“The ability to leverage something that means a connection to consumers is an advantage,” Passikoff says. “Everyone’s going to get together and wrap themselves in the flag [this weekend]. And when a brand owns this more than another brand, it’s going to do better in the marketplace.”

The top 25 brands hail from a wide degree of categories, and play wildly differing roles in people’s lives (if at all, in some cases). But they all share a connection with consumers about what it means to be “American.” They are:

1. Jeep

2. Hershey’s/Coca-Cola

3. Levi Strauss/Disney 

4. Colgate 

5. Zippo

6. Wrigley’s

7. Ralph Lauren

8. Kodak/Gillette

9. New Balance/Harley-Davidson

10. Budweiser/Marlboro

11. Ford 

12. Louisville Slugger/Smith & Wesson

13. GE 

14. John Deere/L.L. Bean 

15. Walmart

16. Craftsman Tools/ Wilson Sporting Goods/Wrangler

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