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How To Take Responsibility for Top Search Rank

Stephen Aarstol tells us why a top search engine results page means more than a click. He points to the Google user study compiled by Slingshot SEO that estimates the No. 1 Google organic rank acquires 18.2% of clicks and the No. 2 spot receives 10.05% of clicks. In a new content-driven world, Google assigns social signals and authorship higher weight in ranking factors, which means relevant and authoritative content will legitimize a page for keywords that relate to a niche. And while Aarstol makes good points on why the top spot matters and that the "undervalued point of SEO" comes from "brand legitimacy," he forgets to remind us to watch for fake brands that rise to the top with malware to infect computers, ads, and steal information from unsuspecting searchers. Read the article here.

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