TakePart.com Debuts Tools To Link Content To Social Action

TakePart.com has launched a platform of customized tools to connect digital content to social action. The company's widget gives publishers, brands and nonprofits the chance to distribute their material across the Web.

The TakePart Action Platform scans the content of a Web page, then matches it to relevant actions that users can pick. Visitors can hit a small button, similar to a Facebook "Like,' to view a pop-up with three options. A second format, an expandable banner, is embedded in an article. When clicked, forms appear that users can sign.

For example, the site will post an article about severe storms in the Midwest, then display various ways that users can help with disaster relief. While the platform offers pledges and petitions, it also plans to roll out donation and volunteer sign-up options.

TakePart efforts are created in partnership with Participant Media’s Social Action Network. The company has worked with over 600 nonprofits, gaining a collective reach of more than 75 million people.

Participant Media's over 40 films include "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The Help." Its films and social action campaigns, coupled with its new TV network Pivot, is committed to getting individuals involved in key issues

Karina Kogan, Participant Digital Media senior vice president, states: "There is an unmet need to connect people to more opportunities to act, and in a way that is timely, easy, and at the point of engagement with a piece of content like news or a compelling feature article."



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