Does Microsoft's Nokia Deal Mean Poor Reception For JWT?

As you may have heard, Microsoft just bought Nokia, which awarded its $120 million global ad account to JWT in July. Many news reports surrounding the acquisition posit Microsoft bought Nokia to become more like Apple. In other words, one set of hardware run by one ubiquitous OS, all owned by the same company. That notion is encapsulated and supported in a slide  from Microsoft's investor presentation deck which reads, "One Brand, United Voice. Clarity helps make the market for all Windows Phones." While there are many moving parts to this deal, it makes all the sense in the world for Microsoft to allow most of Nokia to die on the vine and leverage what it can to improve its own unified mobile offering. And that unification is unlikely to include JWT.

As JWT ponders the hollowness of its Nokia win, Deutsch LA aims to up its game. And this game changer is going to take some getting used to. After seeing Pete Favat's name affixed to the credits of so many incredible Arnold-created ad campaigns over the years, we're now going to have to get used to seeing his name elsewhere--on the credits affixed to Deutsch LA campaigns. Yup. That's right. Pete Favat is leaving Boston-based Arnold and is heading to sunny LA to head up the Deutsch LA creative department as Chief Creative Officer. In Favat's stead, Arnold EVPs Wade Devers and Pete Johnson have been named lead creative partners or the Boston office. Favat, who will also take on the role as agency partner at Deutsch, brings a boatload of experience to the agency including work on the VW "Drivers Wanted" campaign when it was at Arnold as well as stellar work on the American Legacy Foundation's Truth campaign. Can this long-time Bostonian make the shift from Brahmin-esque Bean Town to pretentiously superficial LA? Pete, let us know how it's going in six months, OK?

Not everyone can have the long and illustrious career Favat has had but there are plenty of chances to at least give it a go. One such chance, the annual Big Ad Gig offers six finalists the chance to win a month-long paid freelancing gig at a New York City agency. All you have to do is be an ASS. OK, no. You don't actually have to be an ass but you do have to follow Chuck Porter's ASS guidelines to enter the contest. Apply. Send your portfolio. Shoot your video. Witty, huh? But seriously, the gig has paid off for many over the Big Ad Gig's five year history; 28 of the past 32 finalists currently have full-time ad gigs. Contest aside, we think Chuck Porter's got a great new career as spokesperson.

Omnicom's Giant Spoon is getting into bed with Publicis' Black Pencil. No really. Follow along. Omnicom Media Group CEO Alan Cohen is leaving his post to launch Giant Spoon with Omnicom's backing. Publicis, as you know, is merging with Omnicom. Omnicom, as you know, owns Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett, as you know, has done the Black Pencil thing since, well, forever. Hence, the dance between the sheets. Details are fuzzy on exactly how Giant Spoon will be positioned but given Cohen's 20-year stint in entertainment and his launch partners -- OMD Ignition Factory's Trevor Guthrie and Marc Simons along with OMD Chief Innovation Officer Jonathon Haber -- it's a clear bet it's going to be outside the realm of traditional media.

In other Madison Avenue shufflings, it appears Publicis has handed its pitching reigns for the JP Morgan Chase account over to its Rosetta Marketing Group and many within Publicis aren't happy with that decision. It seems Rosetta Marketing Group is not held in high regard when it comes to matters of operation. And, since several members of Rosetta management are said to have worked on Chase before, there may be conflicts. But what would the advertising business be without rumor and conflict?



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