Subway Crashes N.Y. Fashion Week

In a break from its heavily sports-oriented marketing, Subway is looking to gain the attention of fashionistas during this month's New York Fashion Week.

The sandwich chain has partnered with Nolcha Fashion Week -- an event within the larger event that's geared to showcasing independent fashion designers -- to host a fashion show in which all of the designs are made entirely out of items from Subway restaurants, like napkins and sandwich wrappers. 

The Subway Project show, to take place on Sept. 11 at Chelsea Piers' Pier 59 Studios, is in part intended to promote the chain's "$5 ANY regular Footlong" offer, which runs throughout "SUBtember." (The clothing designs can be made of "ANYthing," get it?)

However, according to Subway, the eight designs were actually made mainly of eco-friendly packaging materials, so as to also highlight the chain's sustainability goals. Which probably means we won't be seeing any roast beef dresses (just as well...didn't someone do the meat thing already?)



Specifically, the designs were made from 1,500 sandwich wrappers, 1,100 plastic sandwich bags, 500 gift cards, 200 straws, 100 salad bowls, 75 pizza boxes and 400 cookie bags, reports the QSR. 

The Subway designs competing will be from four designers already participating in Nolcha Fashion Week (each will present two different designs): Danilo Gabrielli, Jennifer Henry, Mariana Valentina and Ainslee Bowers.  

They'll be judged by a panel that includes gold medalist (and Subway "Famous Fan") Nastia Liukin; "Project Runway" alum Althea Harper; "City Girl Diaries" star Raina Seitel; Mrs. Connecticut 2013, Lori Ann Marchese; and Jared "The Subway Guy" Fogle.

The winner's dress will be displayed at a Subway restaurant in midtown Manhattan throughout the weekend. The winner will also receive free Footlongs for a year.

Photos of all of the designs will be posted on Subway's Facebook page (currently showing nearly 24.3 million "likes") following the show.

"While folks might not readily equate Footlongs and fashion, there are some similarities between the two," comments Subway global CMO Tony Pace, stretching the analogy for all it's worth. "Both allow for individualized customization and creativity. We're glad to provide designers a new venue to express their unique style on the runway."

Actually, this isn't Subway's first brush with the fashion world. For the past three years, Famous Fans Torah Bright, Debbie Phelps, Laila Ali and Liukin have walked in The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show to spread awareness of women's heart health issues on behalf of the Subway brand.

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