Iponweb Beta Launches BidSwitch, Looks To Solve Programmatic Fragmentation

Iponweb, a real-time technology provider, this week announced the beta launch of BidSwitch, a solution meant to solve fragmentation issues among programmatic traders. BidSwitch allows any real-time bidding (RTB)-enabled tech platform to connect with other trading partners in the space, on both the supply and demand sides. BidSwitch is currently in closed beta.

Iponweb views integrating RTB-enabled technologies as a "major challenge" in the space. Derek O'Neil, chief business development officer at Iponweb, stated, "…Bidswitch is designed to take the integration challenge out of the equation. It makes scaling up an RTB business faster and cheaper…." The company wrote in the release that BidSwitch is best suited for RTB newcomers looking to scale.

In an interview with ExchangeWire, O'Neil explained how BidSwitch works. He said, "Mechanically, how the BidSwitch works is that through the single integration, a participating supply platform sends a bid offer to the BidSwitch, and the BidSwitch relays that bid offer on to all integrated demand platforms that are in agreement to buy from that supply platform.



"The Demand Platforms in turn send their bid responses back to the BidSwitch, and the BidSwitch aggregates these bids and sends them all back to the Supply Platform in a single response."

The company claims that over 50 demand and supply partners are currently in the closed beta across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. BidSwitch has a focus on display media platforms, but the company noted that video partners could be added soon.

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