Where There's FUEL, There's Fire

Normally, Tyler Loechner and I use this blog to express our own point-of-view about real-time media and marketing technologies, or to show the viewpoints of others (via “Real-Time With…”). Today, I’d like to ask your opinion about something. Actually, I’d like your advice. Given the number of public offerings taking place with some of the key players in our sector, especially today’s skyrocketing IPO of RocketFuel, we were wondering whether there would be any value in us launching a stock market composite for the “real-time” sector. And if so, what companies should we include in that. Obviously, FUEL (that’s stock ticker for RocketFuel’s shares on Nasdaq, which are up about 90% as of this posting, by the way). But who else? Should we include TRMR (Tremor Video), YUME (YuMe), MM (Millennial Media), and CRTO (the ticker for soon-to-be-public Criteo)? Anyone else?



And how should we weight the index? Should it be based on weighted price trading, market capitalization, or something else?

How often should we report it? Daily? Weekly? Just when meaningful news happens that impact the way those company’s stock are traded? And just generally speaking, how relevant do you think public trading of real-time media pure-plays actually is?

Our thesis is that we’re covering a business about real-time data, so why not incorporate some real-time data about it, even if it’s somewhat incidental. But like I said, what do you think?

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