Videology Releases New Software For Pubs To Even Ad Tech Field

Videology, a video advertising software provider, believes that the ad technology available today favors buyers, causing sellers to lag behind. In an effort to even the field, Videology today announced Revenue Engine, a supply-side technology the company says is connected to programmatic demand sources. Publishers can also create private exchanges using the software.

"The relationship between demand and supply is symbiotic," stated Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology. "Yet, ad technology for buyers has gotten far ahead of that for media sellers. This kind of technological imbalance doesn't benefit either party. It slows progress."

Revenue Engine is integrated with Videology's own demand-side platform (DSP), and the company claims that they are integrated with "other leading demand platforms," although none were listed. When reached for comment, Videology could not immediately disclose other demand platform partners.



Revenue Engine offers "strict controls" for brand exposure, pricing, buyer eligibility and ad creative to give publishers control in the programmatic space. The purpose of these controls is to entice premium publishers to use the software.

Ferber stated that Videology wants their technology to be open enough to let publishers "sell however they choose to in the current data-driven media environment."

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