The Global Rise of Mobile Purchasing

Mobile commerce is still going up around the world.

A new report shows that mobile payment transactions have increased 27% and now account for 17.5% of all digital purchases worldwide.

The overall percentage of purchases over smartphones and tablets both increased, with smartphones accounting for 9% of purchases and tablets 8%, according to the Adyen Global Mobile Payment Index.

The index tracks the purchases on its platform, which processes payments for more than 3,500 merchants.

By platform, iPhones and iPads accounted for almost three-quarters of mobile transactions with Android devices responsible for most of the rest.

For mobile payments, Europe continues to take the lead with about 18% of all transactions coming from mobile devices, according to the index.

In Asia, mobile transactions actually declined from 12% to 11% and in South America they now account for 4% of all transactions.

In North America, payments via mobile have increased 40% and now account for 16.6% of all transactions.

This is consistent with new revised forecasts from eMarketer now showing that mobile will account for 16% of all online purchases, with retail sales via mobile reaching more than $41 billion this year.

By category, the Adyen data identified travel as the leading mobile spending category.

In travel-related transactions, almost a quarter (24%) are via mobile, with more by smartphone over tablet.

This seems logical, with on-the-go travelers making purchases as they move about.

At retail, consumers are using mobile devices for nearly 17.5 of all transactions, an increase from 15% in the previous index.

This is yet another in a continuing string of research indicating the continuing growth of mobile purchasing.

More people are using their phones and tablets to research and buy.

We’re only on the ground floor of where mobile commerce is headed.

And the ceiling is not yet even within sight.
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