Accordant Steps Into Audio RTB, Partners With Triton

Independent media trading desk Accordant Media on Thursday announced a partnership with Triton Digital. The partnership will give Accordant clients access to audio inventory available for programmatic buying through Triton's a2x exchange. Biddable audio inventory has been on the trading desk's radar for "quite some time," per an Accordant representative.

Matt Greitzer, Accordant's co-founder, said that many of the company's clients already run traditional radio ads, but they are only active with a "handful" on the programmatic front. However, he expects interest to grow "as more and more advertisers look to consolidate their programmatic buying strategies across channels."

Accordant is the third trading desk to publicly join Triton's exchange this year, joining Varick Media and Xaxis.

"The growth has been great," said John Rosso, president of market development for Triton. "There's an increase in interest from the demand side to access audio in a programmatic fashion."

Rosso asserted that the number of advertisers trading on the a2x exchange is doubling every month. As a result, a significant portion of the money on the exchange is from "folks new to audio."



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