Travel Ads Among Most Expensive For Programmatic Traders

Last month, IgnitionOne released data that said travel advertisers are spending 90% more in programmatic display than this time last year. New data from ChoiceStream suggests that is partly because of how expensive it is to targeting travelers.

ChoiceStream on Friday released its Audience Cost Calendar for October (which looks at data from September). The company creates an average cost index to find the relative price of programmatically trading between segments.

"Travel segments continued to dominate the top 10," the report reads. Travel: Italy and Travel: United Kingdom were the second and third most expensive segments in September, respectively. In total, six of the top 10 segments were in the travel vertical.



Outside of travel, it was also more expensive to advertise for Pet Events or High Net Worth audiences in September. Bill Guild, ChoiceStream's vice president of marketing, believes the rise of these two segments was actually connected by an obscure event.

“September had some very unusual and interesting audience segment and cost index rankings, including significant ranking increases for Pet Events and High Net Worth audiences.” Guild stated. “We attribute both of these jumps to the many pet-related events that took place during the month, including the Adoptapalooza event in New York City and multiple animal shelter fundraising walks around the country.”

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