Video Ads On Cable Make Small Business Look Big

According to the 2013 Advertisers Survey from placemedia, commissioned from uSAMP, 89% of surveyed advertising executives across the United States said that television video impressions were more important than online video impressions. And, the survey showed that that video advertisements on cable television and online make small businesses look as big as national brands.

A similar majority of 88% say there are benefits in better targeting in television advertising, including:

  • Better delivery of a message that relates to their viewers' interests (57%)
  • More effective use of advertising resources (42%)
  • Better use of advertising dollars (42%)
  • Increased return on investment (38%)
  • Less tune-out from consumers (29%)
  • Better delivery of desired goods directly to the consumer (27%)
  • More efficient campaign development (21%)

When measuring the impact of television and online video among consumers, 69% of the respondents said television video impressions are more valuable than online video impressions when you need a wide variety of people to see it, and 27% say when they want to create anticipation for an event. 23% say television impressions are more important when they want to show they have arrived, 22% to build excitement, 19% when they want to make sure the entire video has been watched, and 13% when they need an immediate response.  

When it came to small businesses, 95% of advertising executives felt that video advertisements on cable or broadcast TV are highly effective, with 66% of the respondents stating it introduces product to people in the surrounding area. Nearly half said video advertisements on cable or television make small businesses look as big as national brands, followed by 36% who said these advertisements provide a local call to action. 23% said they show that the company has arrived, and only 5% said that video advertising on cable or television is not helpful to small businesses.

97% of all respondents said the reasons for keeping small businesses from buying advertisements for broadcast or cable include:

  • Cost (89%)
  • Videos are too difficult to produce (42%)
  • Complexity (22%)
  • Other forms of advertising are better (16%)
  • Don't know who to contact (15%)

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