XL Marketing Acquires Real-Time Analytics Platform Adchemy Actions

XL Marketing this week acquired the Adchemy Actions division of Adchemy, a real-time analytics provider. XL Marketing positions themselves as a marketing and CRM company that uses a combination of data and technology to help brands find and retain customers.

The company will use Adchemy Actions' marketing platform for their desktop and mobile Web marketing efforts on behalf of brands. The platform uses "machine learning" technology and is built to reach individuals with personalized messages rather than general audiences.

Steve Gerber, XL Marketing's chief operating officer, said, "Machine learning underpins all sophisticated digital marketing platforms -- from Google to Rocket Fuel -- and was a gap in XL Marketing's portfolio."

The entire Adchemy Actions division will join XL Marketing's team. Additionally, a new office will be built in Silicon Valley for technology and analytics, similar to XL Marketing's spaces in New York City, London, and Hyderabad, India.



Several former Adchemy Actions executives have joined the exec team at XL Marketing as a result of the deal. Cullen Jowitt, formerly VP and general manager of Adchemy Actions, will serve as senior vice president for XL Marketing. Eddie Rau, Jr., an architect of the platform, will be VP of engineering. Matt Tillman will be vice president and general manager for the financial services vertical.

XL Marketing will use the Adchemy Actions platform to target consumers in the Financial Services, Insurance, Communications Services, Health & Wellness, and Education sectors.

The company declined to disclose the terms of the deal when asked.

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