Doing Decades of Duty, Doody Departs WongDoody

How can you not love an agency called WongDoody? It makes me think of that Sixteen Candles character, Long Duck Dong, walking into a bathroom to take a...oh...better stop right there or the editors will be all up in our face! Whatever that name may conjure, they've done great work and this week they celebrate their 20th and the retirement of Co-Founder Pat Doody. Of the agency's successful longevity, Co-Founder Tracy Wong said, “We’ve made it through two recessions, one "Great," and two decades of the most tumultuous changes in the history of advertising….We have built an inclusive environment, a ‘Creative Democracy,’ which stands in stark contrast to the typical agency snake pits that have little regard for their own people. The culture has helped us evolve our business, and it will carry us into the next 20 years.” Breathlessly stated, Tracy. Congratulations WongDoody!

It's possible Yoda may get lightsabered from the Vodafone campaign. He currently appears in the brand's global advertising but an effort is underway to create guidelines to unite all of the brand's advertising efforts around the globe. Currently, WPP Team Red handles the account globally. In the UK, the brand is handled by Grey and Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R. While WPP's Team Red will oversee the creation of guidelines, Grey and RKCR/Y&R will also propose guidelines. Can you smell a turf war in the making? Do you know any agencies that play nice with one another? Didn't think so.

OK is it just me or does it sound like Draftfcb told Planet Fitness Director of Brand Management Mike Obrien what to say in a joint press release announcing the account win. Read and let me know. “Throughout this process, Draftfcb demonstrated strong social media and digital marketing experience, and the ability to adapt to the consumer’s ever changing behavior online.  They have a true understanding of our brand and what makes us unique. We’re confident that this partnership will take our digital presence to the next level and bring a fresh approach to our social marketing channels.”  Thoughts? Be honest.'s time for yet another ADSR opportunity. The International ANDY Awards has announced its 2014 Call For Entries. Time to dig into that archive of creativity and pull out your best work. The Call For Entry campaign, which takes on the theme of bravery, was created by Droga5. Agency Founder David Droga is this year's ANDY Chairman. New this year is a Bravery Award. How an agency demonstrates they are brave is beyond us. Seems most any agency would have to be brave to deal with annoying clients on an ongoing basis.

Is it just me or does anyone else hear Frankie Smith's 1981 hit Double Dutch Bus when they read something about Deutsch? I don't know. Maybe it's that picture of Donny Deutsch dancing in a nightclub back in the day. Anyway, Deutsch LA is in the news today. Invention Strategist (seriously, that was his title) Bud Caddell has left the agency after a two year stint. No word yet on where's he's landed but reportedly  it's "a nice new gig."



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