AdBlock Plus Creates a YouTube Customizer to Get Around New Google Rules


AdBlock Plus, the browser extension that claims 50 million users worldwide, this morning announced on its blog that it’s adding features that will allow YouTube users to avoid using the Google Plus commenting system. That’s a new wrinkle the video sharing site added that prevents users from staying anonymous.

“YouTube is changing, and not for the better, according to its users,” the blog says,  explaining some users’ frustration, and adding , “But we heard you loud and clear.”  

Adblock Plus, based in Germany,  is creating the YouTube Customizer page, which it says “lets you selectively remove a good number pf things on YouTube that might bug you.”

Besides allowing YouTube users to avoid the 30-second pre-roll, the new Customizer allows users to avoid “loads of other YouTube content shoved through your browser,” the blog says. Those include YouTube features for comments, suggested videos, related, featured, popular and recommended channels.

The blog adds: “Hey, pssst: you can also strip your Facebook account from all known annoyances. Download our Facebook Customizer.”

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