Mobile Shoppers & the Halfway Point

The impact of mobile on holiday shopping continues globally.

In a survey of more than 15,000 consumers in 15 major global markets, the Ovum Consumer Insights Survey found that one in five consumers will be using their mobile phone for online shopping this holiday season.

It likely would be more but for security concerns, with almost half (49%) perceiving the services to be unsecure, with many (47%) expecting their personal data might be misused.

Meanwhile, the Infosys State of the Store study comprising a look at behaviors of more than 2,000 consumers and 75 major retailers in France, Germany and the UK, found that a personalized and convenient shopping experience could lead to higher retail revenue.  

The research also showed that in-store targeting can be effective for some shoppers, with one in five (21%) of UK consumers more likely to buy a product if a promotion is sent to them via their mobile device while in a store.



The flood of holiday shopping research continues:

  • A record 18% of online sales on Cyber Monday came from mobile devices, according to the Adobe Digital Index. It also showed the increase in sales from mobile devices increased 80% from a year ago.
  • Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day in history with a 21% increase in online sales, according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, which comes out multiple times a day. That measure had mobile as about a third (32%) of all online traffic with mobile sales passing 17% of total online sales. This is up 55% from a year ago.
  • Outside of the major retailers, more than a third of online shoppers at smaller merchants bought via mobile, according to research across 10,000 mobile-optimized SMB retailers by ShopPad. The largest mobile percentage buying day was Black Friday (37%), followed by Thanksgiving (30%) and Cyber Monday (30%).

Perhaps one of the more significant pieces of holiday-shopping research is from Rasmussen Reports indicating that about half (49%) of US consumers have not yet even begun their holiday shopping.

When they do, the mobile influence will likely continue.

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