Forbes Launches Social-Oriented Visual 'Stream'

Thought the days of every publisher pushing their own social network were behind us? Think again.

on Monday unveiled “Stream” -- a feature that allows readers to save, share and discover visual content from the magazine and Lewis DVorkin, Forbes Media chief product officer, said Stream is a response to two key trends that continue to redefine media: a shift toward content streams like those of Twitter and Facebook, and a shift away from text.

"The news experience and site navigation is moving away from home pages and article pages to streams -- and from text-based streams to visual streams,” DVorkin said on Monday.
Stream should also please many an advertiser, DVorkin added. “Stream [allows] editorial content and eventually native advertising, always clearly labeled, to live together in ways that create an immersive environment for consumers.”
Rather than existing in a social vacuum, however, Stream will also let readers share Forbes fare via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Evernote as well as via email and iMessages.
Recipients will see the visual clip from Forbes, which serves as a link back to the source of that content.

Stream is part of the new Forbes magazine app for iOS, which already features redesigned issues optimized specifically for tablet and mobile devices. The technology behind Stream was developed by MAZ, a New York-based technology startup



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