Reducing Wasted Time With Reduce Data: New Tool Automates Agency Workflow

Reduce Data, a demand-side platform (DSP), is expected on Thursday to announce the launch of an advertising workflow automation tool, dubbed Optimizer.

According to the company’s founder, Asif Ali, the company is automating workflow tasks -- such as purchase orders, media plans and sending responses and media requirements -- because of requests from advertisers and agencies.

“We got feedback from multiple agencies saying that campaign management tasks tend to take up a lot of their time, and that a system addressing the issue would be highly desirable,” Ali told RTM Daily.

Ali called the workflow tasks “low value” and time-consuming. “By automating this, we can improve the efficiency of campaign managers and help them focus on more high-value tasks,” he said.



Reduce Data plans to use real-time data to create multiple tools, with Optimzer being the first. The end goal is “full advertising automation.”

“Full automation” might be a lofty goal, however, since not everything can be automated. “Surely the sales process for DSPs, building relationships and sometimes payments are things that are neither related to the campaign workflows nor can be automated,” Ali acknowledged. In addition, campaigns managers can retrieve data and manually change conditions at any time.

Ali anticipates that agencies with clients in the eCommerce, financial and education industries will be particularly drawn to the new automation tool.

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