Campaign Based On Real-Time Snow Updates Drove 15:1 ROI For Vail Resort

Beaver Creek, which is part of Vail Resorts, recently ran an ad campaign using real-time snow conditions throughout the course of the ski season.

The result: the highest ROI from an ad campaign in Beaver Creek’s history.

The resort partnered with advertising technology company Spongecell to create the campaign. The creative in ads were automatically updated depending on the 24-hour, 48-hour and 7-day snowfalls. See the inset image for an example of one of the ads.

The campaign drove a purchase conversion rate of 24% for the resort. The return on investment was 15 to 1, which outperformed Vail’s historical ROI average by 50%.

“We wanted to use our snow feed to alert guests to the snow conditions and promote lodging offers,” Yann Benjamin, online marketing manager at Vail Resorts, is quoted as saying in the case study.



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