Buffalo Wild Wings Super Bowl Tweet Already Has Twice As Many Retweets As Oreo's 'Blackout' Tweet

As a football fan, I actually enjoyed watching a dominant performance, though I could have done with a closer finish. It turned into a blowout, and marketers attempting to make themselves relevant were no more successful than the Denver Broncos.

Except for one.

I spent the entire game on my alter ego's Twitter account (football writer), knowing perfectly well that if I saw a "real-time marketing" attempt appear while on that feed, it would mean it had been making the rounds and might be worth something.

The only marketing tweet that made it to my football feed was from Buffalo Wild Wings, which simply tweeted: "Sorry fans, we don't have a button for this."

It worked because Buffalo Wild Wings didn't have to force themselves into relevance. The restaraunt chain has campaigned with the idea that it has some inside connection with football refs and stadiums, allowing them to extend games.

So how does that stack up to Oreo's tweet that has been fawned over for a year? In less than 24 hours, the Buffalo Wild Wings tweet has over 30,000 retweets. Oreo's tweet, now one year old, is hovering in the 15,000s.
Sure -- more people are on Twitter than a year ago, but I was still surprised to see the Buffalo Wild Wings tweet gain twice as many retweets as Oreo's.

Turning away from brand tweets and instead focusing on consumer tweets about brands, Blab, a social media conversation tracker, released its list of top 10 most-talked-about brands on social media following the game.

Topping the chart was Anheuser Busch, which makes sense considering its "Puppy Love" commercial went viral before the game started. Doritos and Pepsi Cola were the second and third most talked about brands post-game, respectively.

Oikos -- the brand that reunited several members of the "Full House" cast for a funny commercial -- was fourth. See the full list below, courtesy of Blab:

1. Anheuser Busch

2. Doritos

3. Pepsi Cola

4. Oikos

5. Sodastream

6. Cheerios

7. Audi

8. Hyundai

9. Coca Cola

10. Axe
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