Sports Leads TV Everywhere Streams

According to Adobe's Digital Video Index for Q4 2013, sports viewing increased 640% year-over-year, compared to 440% growth in all streamed video content. One quarter of all sports content is now viewed on mobile devices, says the report, based on aggregated and anonymous data from more than 600 media and entertainment sites, 22.5 billion online video starts, half a billion video starts from mobile devices, and 574 million TV Everywhere streams.

Campbell Foster, Adobe's director of product marketing for video solutions, says "… while… TV sports highlights may be driving this trend… the study also found that live viewing of major events is also on the increase… though Super Bowl 2014 was available for live streaming on mobile…  (may be) due to the perishability of the content… watch Walking Dead a week later… hasn't lost its impact… watch game six of the World Series a week later, you know who won… so what's the point?... "



Smartphones overtook tablets in early 2013 in terms of share of video streams delivered, and consumption was up 86% year-over-year. Tablets are growing slower than smartphones, but tablet consumption grew 23% year-over-year. Gaming consoles became the fastest-growing video consumption devices, growing 365% year-over-year.

Apple devices still account for close to 50% of all video consumption, but Android devices have taken share, especially in TV Everywhere viewing, which more than doubled since the same time last year. Foster says “… Android tablets... were a nonfactor two years ago, but they're catching up…"

The report also notes a rise in media consumption for Google Glass, with web browsing on the wearable device growing 735% since August 2013, and more than half of that time was spent on media and entertainment content. But, says the report, Adobe doesn't have information on how many Glass devices are in circulation, so it's difficult to understand how meaningful this growth in consumption is.

Foster concludes, "… dynamic ad insertion is something broadcasters have been talking about for two or three years… (now) we're seeing broadcast being dynamically replaced across all devices…"

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