No Instagram Or Vine Vids For Olympians

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it wants Olympians at the Sochi games to post comments and tweet their experiences on social media during the experience. They are even allowed to post photos of events as long as they are for personal use and only follow some guidelines. A letter from the IOC to participants states: “Any such postings, blogs or tweets must be in a first-person, diary-type format. Participants and Other Accredited Persons must not assume the role of a journalist, reporter or any other media capacity, or disclose any information which is confidential or private in relation to any other person or organization.”

But when it comes to video, the hammer comes down. Don’t even think about posting Instagram, Facebook or Vine videos, the IOC warns. “Participants and Other Accredited Persons cannot post any video and/or audio of the events, competitions or any other activities which occur at Olympic Venues (including the Olympic Villages). Such video and/or audio must only be taken for personal use and in particular must not be uploaded and/or shared to a posting, blog or tweet on any social media platforms, or to a website.”



The IOC and its media partners clearly take video rights seriously.

The full limitations imposed on social media postings for athletes as well as journalists and sponsors are posted at the IOC site

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