For HealthCare Brands, Clear Messages Are Key

Product complexity is a particular challenge for healthcare marketers, as illustrated during a conversation at MediaPost’s Marketing Health conference on Monday. “You don’t want to confuse your audience,” said Gaurav Bhatia, VP and Digital Strategy at AARP Services. The solution is to “keep the message simple and consistent across all [media] channels.” Not so, said Dave Lockwood, Group Director of Solutions Planning at Interpublic's Lowe Campbell Ewald. The industry, Lockwood said, is “long past the days of a single message across channels.” Single message or not, achieving simplicity requires “a lot of ingenuity,” said Mark DiMassimo, CEO and Founder of DiMassimo Goldstein. “In a world of cluttered messages, people are trying to find themselves.”

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  1. Hugh d. Snow from New Jersey City University, March 18, 2014 at 1:21 a.m.

    After reading the above comments all parties to an extent are correct; however,
    I disagree with the comment "people are trying to find themselves". Consumers are so fed up with the various brands producing the same product(s) and then are unable to communicate how their product(s) differ from the competition. Instead of the firms really explaining their competitive advantage to the audience, they attempt to dazzle them with wit; jokes, that confuse rather than produce clarity. We must stop feeling we're so much smarter than the people who buy our products and talk to them as adults willing to spend their money with us.

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