Largest Binge Viewer Trends In Dallas, San Francisco

Binge-watching of current-season shows would be a big plus for many TV viewers.

A survey done by Harris Poll -- on behalf of Comcast Corp. -- says over half of binge-watchers -- 55% -- preferring to get current season episodes. Comcast, which is the largest U.S. cable operator, has a video-on-demand service called On Demand, which caters to many regular TV and binge TV viewers.

The online national survey was done between March 12 and 14 of this year among 2,022 adults ages 18 and older of whom 1,621 are binge-watchers.  Binge-watching is characterized by those respondents who say they watch two or more TV episodes of the same show in one sitting.

Overall, the biggest binge-watcher behavior markets are Dallas, San Francisco and Washington, DC -- at 88% each. Then comes Philadelphia (84%), NYC (83%), L.A. (83%) and Houston (82%).

The best markets for those binge-watchers who want current-season episodes include Washington, DC (66%), Philadelphia (62%), San Francisco (62%), Houston (61%), L.A. (59%), Chicago (59%) and Boston (58%).

Other research reveals that 82% of U.S. adults say they watch two or more TV episodes in one sitting; 56% want the lights on; and 65% sit versus lay down, while 58% prefer salty snacks to sweet snacks.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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