Panasonic Avionics Helps Airlines Monetize In-Flight WiFi

Airlines are getting a new potential revenue stream from advertising via in-flight WiFi, courtesy of Panasonic Avionics, which is introducing a new AdConnect feature as part of the company’s Global Communications Services.
The Panasonic AdConnect service will enable airlines to serve online advertising to passengers while they browse the Web using in-flight WiFi services. Previously, airlines have only been able to deliver ads when the passenger is logging on to the airline’s in-flight WiFi portal, losing the capability when the passenger navigates away to other Web destinations. Now, however, AdConnect allows airlines to deliver ads for the duration of the in-flight WiFi session.
AdConnect is the product of a collaboration between Panasonic and MediaShift, whose technology can insert targeted ads into any Web page a passenger visits, based on behavioral and location data, as well as type of device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

According to Panasonic, the AdConnect service complies with Internet Advertising Bureau standards and guidelines, and operates without any negative impact on Web site content or user experience.
MediaShift’s technology is already being used at a number of major U.S. airports, as well as 5,000 hotels across North America. The company offers advertising and promotional formats, including video, app downloads, lead capture and sponsorships, among others.
The in-flight advertising environment is evolving rapidly.

In January, Channel Airports and SmartTray International introduced several new models of seat-back trays optimized for mobile media, which should also allow airlines to monetize in-flight WiFi with advertising. CCA will help airline clients monetize the new trays by serving digital ads to mobile devices via in-plane wireless Internet, effectively transforming passengers’ personal electronics into digital place-based media, with potential for e-commerce integration.

Advertisers can draw on a variety of passenger data to target marketing messages, including information like frequent flier numbers, hotels and car preferences



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