Aereo Creates Site To Calm Customers

Looking to bolster support from its customer base -- and potential customers, Aereo has started up a site called

Aereo said it was doing this because of legal concerns from its customers.

Aereo delivers over-the-air broadcast stations to customers via what it calls digital/Internet “antennas.” Because of this delivery, it believes it doesn’t have to pay retransmission fees to TV stations.

In response to the business start-up, broadcasters have filed multiple legal actions against the company for copyright infringement. The case now heads to the Supreme Court. On April 22, the company will be presenting its case.

On the site, Aereo says: “The broadcasters are asking the Court to deny consumers the ability to use the cloud to access a more modern-day television antenna and DVR in order to protect what they believe are their most lucrative business models.

"The Copyright Act provides no justification to curtail those rights simply because the consumer is using modern, cloud-based equipment. If the broadcasters succeed, the consequences to American consumers and the cloud industry are chilling.”

Aereo says the site will offer court briefs, amicus briefs and court decisions related to the Supreme Court case, as well as registration for updates.

Recently, major Aereo investor Barry Diller said if the company loses in the case, Aereo will probably have to go out of business. Currently, Aereo is in around a dozen markets, with plans to add 19 more



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